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Practical reasons for encouraging digital privacy

“Privacy”, by Thomas Leuthard (CC BY 2.0)

Considering recent events, digital privacy is once again a popular topic, and not precisely for good reasons. Although data breaches and cyber-attacks are nothing new, it is always worth stopping for one second to think about their consequences, and the role that information technologies plays in our lives. The digital era has brought us unlimited amounts of information and connectivity, with an undeniable positive impact in our quality of life. However, it has also brought a state of nearly perfect surveillance.

Comparisons with George Orwell’s novel, 1984, are already a cliché, but only because it serves as a clear point of reference to analyze our current situation. And the truth is that we are much more observed that the characters in the novel. While their government had a camera on their living room, always spying, our governments have a camera pointing at our souls (so to speak).